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Email Form Click this icon to request NAT32 Support. [Support Status (Click to update)]

When you receive the reply, please respond with a full description of the problem and be sure to attach your INFO.TXT file.

Note that this three-way procedure was introduced because of spammers. The NAT32 Support email address will change at random intervals, so please always use the Support Form when requesting support.

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View the WinPkFilter Help file.

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Tip Did you know...

New Console feature To view the manual page for a shell command, simply enter the command name followed by a question mark. Example: netstat ?

All NAT32 Web Pages can easily be modified to meet special needs, but be sure to first read about NAT32's Web Interface for details on how to execute commands from a web page.

To view files, use the NAT32 Editor or the cat filename command.

The How-To Pages contain practical information on how to accomplish common tasks.

The Ajax icon or a green link indicates an Ajax page that updates automatically (and without redrawing the entire page) every second.

New feature NAT32 supports a Host Transfer Mode for all Internet interfaces so that your machine is totally invisible from the Internet. HT Mode also allows Windows applications to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously [Examples].

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